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Lse9x 4l80e Shifter Bracket

Lse9x 4l80e Shifter Bracket

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Adapt your stock E9x and E9x shifter for use on a GM 4l80e Transmission. This bracket utilizes the factory shift cable bracket (Support noise absorbing: 24517548359) and Cable retainer (Clamping parts set: 24500429180). New shift lever arm with correct geometry for matching the Park, Neutral, Reverse, D4 positions on the 4l80e Transmission.

Brackets are 304 stainless steel and included hardware for attaching the shift cable bracket.


You will need figures 6, 8, 9 shown in the photo your stock shift assembly.

Figure 6: Support noise absorbing: 24517548359

Figure8: Clamping parts set: 24500429180

Figure 9: Securing plate: 25161421252

WARNING: Please be aware that with the stock shifter in the drive position, the 4l80e will be in the D4 position. Understand what is required for a 4l80e in the d4 position while holding power. Please see following link for details:
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