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Is there a particular year that is a better/easier/more compatible fit? 

Our swap mounts are suitable for all generations of LS engines. All ls engines are externally the same and share the same mount bosses and dimension. The only non compatible version would be an uncommon FWD version like and LS4 as they have a different bell housing.

Will my windows and radio/interior functions still work?

Yes, interior fuctions are almost 100% functional. The items that will not work (depending on the ecu setup) are cruse control, DSC, and accurate ac temperature mixing due to using a clutched ac compressor. Heat, AC, fan control, defrost will all function with correct configuration of ac compressor.

Convertible tops have been reported to work after the swap as well.

OBDII readiness will not be functional. You can code the chassis with BMW tools as you would normally after the swap. Without any coding you will have a brake and traction control light using the Lse9x can box and Holley ecu.

Can I swap my X drive car?

An xdrive car you have two options.  We offer mounts that work with the xdrive front subframe and you will remove the front diff and axles from the car, disassemble the front axle and keep the front stubs in the knuckles to hold them together.  The xdrive subframe has limited exhaust clearance, poor suspension and steering.  The other option is to swap to a rwd front subframe, this will be the entire subframe and suspension from the struts down, and the steering rack.  These parts can be had for a few hundred dollars from a parted out BMW or junkyard.  This is the better option as you get the additional exhaust clearance and better RWD suspension and steering.  

When swapping to a RWD subframe you will still need to use an x drive specific transmission crossmember since the chassis is still x drive and tunnel is a different shape.

Can I use my 335i Manual transmission?

- What transmission do I use? GS6-53BZ from a Rwd 335i

- Can I use a E90 328i 6 speed? Probably, but more trouble than it’s worth.

- What driveshaft do I use? Automatic 335i driveshaft. With the engine on mikes mounts all the way forward and the PMC adapter the transmission will land in automatic transmission position, allowing you to use automatic driveshaft and automatic crossmember or Lse9x DCT crossmember with adjustment.

- Where do I buy the adapter plate? the adapter plate can be sourced through drift HQ. Look for LS -> N54 gs6-53BZ adapter kit.

- What clutch do I buy? PMC sells 2 flywheels with the LS-> N54 adapter kit. 240mm (FOR stock style clutch) should be used with a 550i/335is clutch and a 184mm flywheel for a tripple disk/ twin disk style clutches. GRAB THE RIGHT ONE FOR YOUR SETUP.

Will the current brakes/booster/equipment suffice with the LS swap?

The factory brake booster can easily be plumbed to the brake booster fitting on the back of an LS intake manifold and functions find after the swap.

How much does it cost?

This question will depend drastically on your build choice and components used. Please referrer to our cost breakdown video.

How Cheap can you really LS swap a BMW??

What fuel system will I need?

Please Refer to our how to guide for fuel systems

Can I use a GM ECU?

Currently we do not offer a GM ecu can box compatible with a GM ECU. This is in the works for the E38 ecu.

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