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Sloppy Mechanics - Flex Fuel / Alternator / Combo Harness

Sloppy Mechanics - Flex Fuel / Alternator / Combo Harness

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In an effort to help get more of what you need for the swap in once place, we are now stocking Sloppy Mechanics Flex Fuel and alternator combo harnesses. This is the simplest and cleanest way to add flex fuel control and properly trigger your 4 pin alternator.

updated overview -

This will let you plug strait into the newer Holley "power tap" plug on the newer Holley harnesses (make sure you have it) and will work with dominator, terminator, and holley HP ECU's, from there you choose the combo or alt, flex only. depending on what you need.

all machine ultrasonic welded crimps, shrink wrap, and labeled connections with OEM connectors

alternator plug will only work with 4 pin alternator *found on most older trucks and cars you can see it in the photos
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