Derrick's Lq9 powered 335xi

Derrick's Lq9 powered 335xi

2009 335xi

LQ9 6.0L


GTO T56/335i Driveshaft Adapter

Holley Terminator X-Max

Tuned by MMT

LSE9X Canbox

Trimmed AWD Subframe

Fresh Bearings & Gaskets

317 Heads

Holley 302-2 Oil Pan

BTR Stage 3 N/A LS1/LS2 Cam

BTR 7.40 Pushrods

BTR .660 Lift Dual Springs

LS1 Intake Manifold

LS3 Throttle Body

LS3 36# Injectors

LSE9X F-Body Accessory Bracket

LSE9X AWD Engine Mounts

Speedway 220amp Alternator

Gen V Camaro Exhaust Manifolds

Custom Mid-pipes to 335 Exhaust

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