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4l80e Connector Relocation Bushing

4l80e Connector Relocation Bushing

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4L80e have an electrical connector on the driver side body of the transmission that requires trimming of the chassis when installing this transmission in many vehicles. Weld one of our relocation bushings to your transmission pan and plug the existing hole in your transmission with a freeze plug. Our bushing is designed with a retaining groove to keep your internal harness from rotating just like the OEM location. Our bushing also has 2 threaded retaining bolts to ensure that the internal connector CANNOT back out. This is extremely important since the connector is located below the fluid level.

Available in both steel and aluminum. Includes: Bushing, 2 pan head retaining screws

Recommended to be used with an aftermarket deep transmission pan. Bushing outside diameter is 2.1".

Retaining bolts must be installed with a small amount of locking compound.

New OEM internal harness recommended to prevent leaks around wires.

WARGNING: Transmission fluid is flammable, care should be taken when installing to prevent all potential leaks.

Useful for 98-02 Fbody Camaro Transam 4l80e transmission swaps with the need to cut the floor for electrical plug clearance. 

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