LSe9x Swap Parts List

LSe9x Swap Parts List


Long block – block, rotating assembly, with front and rear covers to valve covers complete.

  • Sensors
    • Crank and cam sensor correct for 24 or 58x engine
    • 3 wire oil pressure sensor – in block or valley cover based on engine generation
    • Coolant temperature sensor front of driver side cylinder head
    • Knock sensors (might not be used)
  • Long Block Coolant plumbing
    • Rear steam port plugs or crossover
    • Front steam port kit
    • Block coolant plugs, block heater will not clear Sanden ac compressor
    • Passenger side head coolant plug

Oil Pan

Our swap mounts were originally built around a Holley 302-2 and 302-1 Oil pan. These are low profile, rear sump oil pans that clears the 2wd subframe and does not hang below it. There are a few other brand oil pans that share the same dimensions and are linked below. The Holley 302-2 pan is will provide slightly more steering rack clearance vs the 302-1. Please refer to the diagram of this oil pan and its dimensions if you would like to attempt to use another pan. There are now many version of this pan from other manufactures as well that are confirmed to work.

E9x/8x RWD options

  • Holley 302-1 and 302-2 style pans fit best. 302-1 has enough clearance for a turbo hot side between oil pan and k member.  Many copies of this style of oil pan are available.

E9x/8x x-drive

  • X drive cars have much more room for oil pan and many other options such ls factory ls3 pan and F-body pan will fit along with the same options as a RWD chassis.


Accessory drive

Spacing Overview – Step 1 understand and pick an accessory drive spacing.

Recommendations: Les9x accessory drives are available in all 3 accessories spacings. Corvette and F body spacing provide better accessibility and space for intake pipes and charge pipes in boosted applications. 

These engines have different belt spacing options, which refer to the distance between the engine's crankshaft pulley (the main drive pulley) and engine block.   These configurations are listed from closest to longest below:

  • Corvette Spacing:
    • The Corvette belt spacing is sometimes called the "Vette" spacing, and it was originally used in the C5 and C6 Corvette LS engines. This is the most compact design. It is characterized by having the accessories located closest to the engine block.
    • Corvette (98-13 Chevy Corvette +Other OEM applications)
    • Water pump: ACDELCO 252-846 (c5 style)
      • Tensioner: ACDELCO 38194
    • Water pump: ACDELCO 252921 (ls2 style passenger side outlet)
      • Tensioner: ACDELCO 38328
    • Water pump: ACDELCO 252966 (ls3 style driver side outlet)
      • Tensioner: ACDELCO 38328
    • Crank pulley: ACD ACDELCO elco 12553118


  • Camaro/F-Body Spacing:
    • The Camaro/F-Body belt spacing was used in LS engines installed in the Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird (F-Body) vehicles, Pontiac GTOs and many Australian variants.
    • F-body (98-02 Chevy Camaro)
    • Water pump: ACDELCO 252-846
      • Tensioner: ACDELCO 38195
    • Crank pulley: ACDELCO 12553118
  • Truck/SUV Spacing:
    • The Truck/SUV belt spacing is used in LS engines found in GM's trucks and SUVs, such as the Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, and Chevrolet Suburban and L99 Camaros
    • L99/Truck (10-15 Camaro/99-14 Silverado)
    • Water pump: ACDELCO 251-734
      • Tensioner: ACDELCO 12628025
    • Crank pulley: ACDELCO 12675620

Air conditioning

          Lse9x Sanden AC drive- This setup is ideal for allowing full clearance on the passenger side for turbocharged applications or a simple bolt in ac compatible accessory drive.  This is a plug and play solution utilizing our ac lines and adapter fittings

Accessory drive hardware

  • Crank bolt
  • Water pump bolts (6 x m8-1.25 x 80mm
  • Thermostat housing bolts (2x M6-1.00 x 20mm)
  • Belt tensioner bolts

Belt Length

How to measure for accessory belt - 


Intake system - checklist 

  • Intake manifold – cathedral or square port versions (version that clear hood listed below)
    • Ls1, ls6, ls2, sheet metal style, BTR Equilizer, Holley Low ram (may not clear stock fan) -
    • Ls3, sheet metal style, BTR, Holley Low ram (may not clear stock
    • Intake hardware to bolt to cylinder heads
  • Throttle Body
    • Drive by wire, must fit intake choice
      • 6 and 8 pin versions available - match to your harness
      • 3 bolt intake needs an adapter for 4 bolt throttle body
        • Gold blade ls3
        • 4 bolt late 87mm throttle body
        • Aftermarket ls3 style (not recommended)
        • Nick Williams
      • Throttle body hardware
    • Intake manifold plumbing
      • Brake booster – large hose back of intake to BMW brake booster for vacuum assist
        • Large cammed combinations may require vacuum pump for brake system
      • Vacuum lines
      • PCV system
        • Various options for different build types
          • Stock system plumbing for NA combinations
          • Catch can for boosted applications
        • Sensors
          • Map sensor – must fit intake choice and connector choice for harness
          • Intake Air temperature (IAT) sensor
        • Gaskets
          • Intake manifold gaskets
          • Throttle body gasket
        • Fuel system (on intake)
          • Fuel injectors
            • injector connector choice should fit harness
              • ev1, ev6, multi tech….
            • Check intake O-ring size for low injector o ring
              • Ls3 intake uses larger lower o ring than ls1
            • Length must correspond to fuel rail choice
          • Fuel rails
            • Fuel rail to fit intake an injector application
            • Fuel rail inlet plumbing/adapter
              • Gm fuel rails use 3/8 male quick connect fitting
            • Fuel rail hardware (bolts to intake)
          • Intake tube and filter
            • Changes depending on clearance
            • Common setup- 90* silicone coupler to 4” 45 aluminum tube bend and 4” cone filter


Exhaust System

Following exhaust options are confirmed.  Other options possible

  • E9x/8x RWD options – steering shaft is the biggest limitation for fitment.
    • Lse9x long tubes coming soon
    • Cx racing ls swap e90 headers
    • Gen 5 Camaro exhaust manifolds
    • Summit racing/generic V band and 2 bolt cast exhaust manifolds
  • 9x/8x x-drive options – steering shaft and driver side engine mount is the biggest limitation for fitment.
    • Gen 5 Camaro exhaust manifolds
    • Summit racing/generic V band and 2 bolt cast exhaust manifolds
  • E6x RWD options – steering shaft is the biggest limitation for fitment.
    • Fbody stock exhaust manifolds
    • Summit racing/generic V band and 2 bolt cast exhaust manifolds
  • Exhaust Hardware
    • 25x 30mm
  • Exhaust gaskets
    • Oem MLS exhaust gaskets – manifold to cylinder head (2 required)
    • If using oem exhaust manifolds gaskets for outlet



  • Auto - Uses Prothane style 2 bolt transmission mount
    • Mounts available for gm 4l60 and 4l80e transmissions.
      • Transmission cooler, lines, adapters needed
    • Manual- Uses Prothane style 2 bolt transmission mount
      • T56
      • Tr6060
      • Factory bmw ZF with PCM adapter (works with Lse9x dct crossmember option.
      • Cd009
      • AR5 slingshot
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