LSe9x Swap Parts List


When it comes to getting started swapping your car it can be a little overwhelming trying to think of every little part that you will need to complete the project. Nothing makes a project drag on longer than coming to a dead end while working because you realized you need to order something else before you can move on.

This page will break down the main categories of the swap from front to back and provide some common part numbers and sources for these items. This is not meant to be a totally comprehensive list but more of general guideline for the main components of the swap. Note: all parts listed here will be OEM ACDelco, you can choose to cross reference these to other brand replacement parts if you would like.

Oil Pan

Our swap mounts were originally built around a Holley 302-1 Oil pan. This is a low profile, rear sump oil pan that clears the 2wd subframe and does not hang below it. There are a few other brand oil pans that share the same dimensions and are linked below. The Holley 302-2 pan is also compatible and will provide slightly more steering rack clearance vs the 302-1. Please refer to the diagram of this oil pan and its dimensions if you would like to attempt to use another pan. There `are now many version of this pan from other manufactures as well that are confirmed to work.

  • Holley 302-1: LINK
  • Poor Mans Performance: LINK

Accessory Drive:

The accessory drive on a swapped car utilizing our accessory drive brackets can be comprised of many different combinations. Most commonly you will be using either an F-body or a L99 water pump with the matching tensioner and crank pulley, truck style alternator and your factory BMW power steering pump/pulley.

An F-body accessory drive will place the belt 3/4" closer to the engine versus the L99/truck drive.

Cooling Hoses:

  • F-body Water pump
    • upper:
    • lower:
  • L99/Truck


The "nnbs" truck starter is slightly shorter in length versus an early LS style starter and provides extra clearance for our passenger side engine mount. The 2007-2008 Silverado starter is ideal because it still uses a small 8mm nut on the starter solenoid and makes wiring easy. The later starters are physically the same but went to a plug connector for the solenoid.

ACDelco 337-1033

These later truck starters us 2 long starter bolts so if you are using an LS1 you may need to get an extra long bolt.

GM Genuine Parts 11610633 Starter Bolt

Manual Transmission Hydraulic Parts:

There are many options on pluming your master and slave cylinder but I will list here what we have used with both a tr6060 trans mission as well as the T56, like seen in our swap tutorial videos.

Tr6060 4an adapter. This will fit the BMW master, adapting it to a 4an if your car was an automatic and you are adding a BMW clutch pedal and master cylinder to the car. This is also the same fitting you will be using at the transmission side on a tr6060. A 24" stainless steel brake line with one 90 degree end and a 90 degree swivel adapter for the other end will complete the installation between the factory bmw master and gm slave.

Earl's Performance Clutch Adapter Fittings 652504ERL

On the T56 slave cylinder you will be using another adapter to 4An:

You will also need a section of 4an line with ends to use between these two adapters. It is also much easier for fitment to had a 90 degree hose end or a 90 deg adapter on the fitting before connecting to the hose.

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